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There are many excellent books to refer to for the real thing, here is our simplified version.We all know now that alpacas are 'induced ovulators'.Anatomically, they are the only bird family with a fused pectoral girdle, and the vestigially-webbed feet set on very short legs attracted Darwin's () attention as an example of a phyletic vestige with no current adaptive value.This is the only seabird family with obvious sexual dimorphism in plumage; sexes also differ in size, females being larger and 11-23% heavier than males ().

There have been few studies of the Magnificent Frigatebird, but it is probably now the best-known of the 5 species in the family.

Starting with the eggs, under hormonal stimulation some of the cells surrounding them begin to develop and form into what are called follicles.

These continue to grow in size, filling with estrogen hormone.

While frigatebirds have a reputation of being pirates-reflected in their colloquial name 'Man-o'-War Bird'-they catch most of their food on their own, by snatching fish or squid from near the ocean surface, never wetting a feather.

This species lacks waterproof plumage and is rarely, if ever, seen to sit on the water.

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