Self consolidating

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Though on-site water additions can potentially cause problems for any concrete mix, be especially cautious about adding water to SCC, as it can greatly alter the stability of the mix.To avoid concrete mixer spillage, trucks should not be loaded to full capacity when transporting SCC; transporting SSC at lower spread and adding high range water reducers at the job site can also help avoid this problem.Improve Project Appearance A smooth, flawless finish is effortless with the help of SCC.Because it reaches every nook and cranny, void spaces and air pockets are eliminated to produce a uniform surface that won’t need extra finishing.

What precautions should be taken when installing SCC?

SCC flows more quickly from the concrete mixer as well, decreasing the time trucks spend at the job site.

Lower Costs Time is money—and reducing manpower while accelerating construction will lower costs.

SCC can accomplish this for even the most intricate architectural designs without increasing labor intensity. SCC mixes are just as strong as traditional concrete mixes and have higher early strengths.

The consistency of SCC reduces permeability, which increases its durability and extends its lifespan past that of traditional concrete.

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