Secret to dating woman

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They will also give you many indicators of interests (IOI’s) like eye contact and a smile. So, open your eyes to this stuff but please do me a favor and do not let this be your excuse not to approach girls that didn’t look at you first.

Dating a Lebanese woman as a foreigner is fun and you will definitely have some extra value as a foreigner.

I don’t remember getting a cold rejection here on the street.

They will be surprised but also interested in you because you showed enough courage and speak English.

Unfortunately, to our western standards, they are not as liberal.

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Women aren’t used to be approached during a day, but they will respond nicely.There is not much of a range of quality, but overall, Lebanese women are the best-looking females in the Arabic world, period.Lebanon is probably the least conservative country in this region.Before you know it, you are in comfort zone and you’re just another foreign friend.Avoid this by being direct and physical from the start.

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