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If you're familiar with those, then you may find comfort in those activities.

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To gamers, it shouldn't be shocking that Second Life has been online for nearly 15 years; after all, Wo W is getting up there as well, and there plenty of other games and online communities that just further solidify gamers as quite possibly the biggest "niche" segment in the world.

Start with our Knowledge Base's "Guide to Jobs in Second Life" and move on to these Resident-created guides: There are also books about SL moneymaking on — read the reviews & previews and make an informed decision.

Unless the human behind your avatar is seeking substantial work, you don't need a job in Second Life. Making money (earning L$ which can be exchanged for real cash) should never be the sole reason why you want a job. For example, if you're hosting events, you can make new friends and visit cool new builds.

Work in SL is a personal question of your professional aspirations. Explore the world, go on adventures, and intuitively followup on what you especially delight in!

The money is nice, yes, but never the only thing that matters.

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