Ron ng and tavia dating reece witherspoon dating

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I have a male like character and love to watch action films but dislike to become an action actress as I get injury easily.” When asked if Ron had any bonus since the click rate reached 7 billion a few days ago, he said nope and will try to fight for it next time.

Wondering if Ron will be filming the sequel, he said: “The company did mention it and it depends on the script and my schedule.

Ron who was tackled by Tavia said that he was amazed, but doesn't mind: "I always have rumors anyway, rumored with Tavia I'm ok too." Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Roger Kwok, Sonjia Kwok, Joe Ma, etc.

were rehearsing last night for the Opening performance for the TVB Anniversary Gala.

In 1999's TVB 32nd Anniversary, Ron was a dancer for Roger and Kenix's performance.

The year he was talking about was 2000's TVB 33rd Anniversary where Leon Lai performed in the rain, and Ron was a dancer in the background.

Forever there will be a big group of people that goes out to eat, but the picture will definitely cut out everyone else and just be me and the girl." Ron is not worried of his image being damaged because he's innocent.

Artists are just like normal people and would hope for a love life.

The girl might not be pretty, but she is still very attractive for you to look at her.

Attacked by Tavia, Ron expressed that he doesn't mind Tavia being his rumored girlfriend: "I always have rumors anyway, adding Tavia into it won't bother me! She expressed that currently the economy is bad, need to get through the pain with the citizens, so probably won't be increasing.

Tavia Yeung has: Played Suen Hing-yan in "Fun chin fun hau" in 2001.

I haven't got into her love life or ask her what type of guys she likes." Recently, besides Raymond Lam being exposed of his relationship with Mainland star Mavis Pan, Ron is also said to be with Mainland star Viann Zhang.

Earlier they were seen to have matching shoes, Ron said helplessly: "The pair of sneakers are sponsored, there are many people in the company that has it too. People in the entertainment circle cannot sit next to girls?

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