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If she’s laughing and having a good time, she’ll want another date. Don’t do dinner and a movie, see a movie early and leave the evening free to discuss and hang out. Learn to make a great dish and then make date number two trying to cook it again together.Show off your classy side and discuss your favorite poems all night. Sometimes, first date activities have a short shelf life. Tip: If it’s too far, then just visit a beautiful lake. Show each other the places where you spent your childhood. Of course, there are so many more things that you can do together in the summer. Simply plan a spontaneous weekend trip to a sunny region or experience dating in a metropolis like Vienna. If the sea is not too far away, pack your swimsuit and take a spontaneous trip to the beach. If you have more than just a summer romance in mind, then it’s time to open up.

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The old school, the former kindergarten or even the neighborhood where you grew up. You may also stay in your area, get dressed up and go to a laid-back jazz bar.

Choose a romantic movie, go to the open-air cinema and snuggle up to each other while watching an old film.

In the summer, there will certainly be an open-air cinema near you that plays popular classics. So obvious, and yet, far too few people think of it. With the hood down, on lonely country roads, the scent of freshly mowed grass in your nose, you’ll both be so joyful with happiness. It doesn’t matter which ideas you choose: The experiences you’ll make together will connect you.

Like a used bookstore, it’s charmingly old-fashioned. Show her you care, and build a bond helping others.

Whether you believe or not, it’s great fun and great for conversation.

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