Robin thicke black women dating white men danielle and nick dating

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Now, there’s still 8 more famous black women white men couples to look at.[on 'Blurred Lines'] We tried to do everything that was taboo. it didn't work for 20 years because it wasn't right-it was right. You didn't build love in a day and you don't lose it in a day." [On his separation from Paula Patton]: [Cheating] is not why we're apart.

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They want a woman who is interesting, intelligent, healthy, and pretty, and do not care much about race, ethnicity or hair colour.

But Matt is married to Angela Howard, an executive producer at Comedy Central (so a heavy-hitter in her own right) in 2008 and they’ve been together since. Robin Thicke may have some controversial music videos, but he certainly did the right thing when he got together with Paula Patton – at age 14.

That’s right, until they split in 2014, Thicke and Patton were together for over a decade after being adorable high school sweethearts.

That said, there are some black women and white men who have gotten together, whether or not it ended up being a life long partnership!

Below are 13 black women white men couples who have hooked up with cuter than cute results! Matt Stone famously created the comedy series South Park, which started Comedy Central on its way to being the popular television network it is today, and his bromance with co-creator Trey Parker is probably his most well-publicised relationship.

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