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I'd like to make a list of countries that do not require a national identity card, and have no plans to adopt one.

If you live in or have confirmed knowledge of such a country, please send email to rms at

Iceland doesn't have ID cards as such, but they have ID numbers that citizens are forced to use frequently. Wikipedia has a list of identity card policies by country.

For example, the national ID number is often required to rent a video or use a gym. People often ask how I manage to continue devoting myself to progressive activism (such as the free software movement) for years without burning out.

At Mont Saint-Quentin, he was recommended for the award of the Victoria Cross based on his actions on 2 September.

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I disagree with the book on one theoretical point in the last part of the book: we shouldn't think of political activism as marketing and sales, because those terms refer to business, and politics is something much more important than mere business. As posted on his site, you can't see them in a browser without running some nonfree Javascript code which is apparently non-free.Rejoining his unit in December, Weathers fought during the German Spring Offensive, but was gassed in May and did not return to his unit until the following month.He participated in the Battle of Hamel in July, the Battle of Amiens in August, and the Battle of Mont Saint-Quentin in September.Political Articles | Political Notes | Travel Experiences | Travel Photos | Fiction | Books | Sayings | Personal Ad | Humor | Non-Political Articles | RMS personal FAQ | GPG Key | Scientific Links | Airlines | Humorous Bio | Comics | Empire of the Megacorporations | The Four Factors of the Apocalypse | There Ought to Be a Law | Media/Press/Bio | Links | Archive | Glossary | Anti-Glossary | Thanks | What's bad about: Airbnb | Amazon | Amtrak | Ancestry | Apple | Discord | Ebooks | Eventbrite | Evernote | Facebook | Google | Intel | Linked In | Lyft | Meetup | Microsoft | Netflix | Patreon | Pay Toilets | Skype | Slack | Spotify | Twitter | Uber | Wendy's | RSS site feed for the most recent political notes and new material. The views expressed here are my personal views, not those of the Free Software Foundation or the GNU Project.If you want to send me GPG-encrypted mail, do not trust key servers!

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