Reality television dating game show

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In fact, these MTV shows of the '90s and '00s need to be brought back immediately. Because aside from some scripted shows and MTV's annual Spring Break tradition, MTV of the '90s and '00s still grasped on to pieces of it's original intention: Music Television.

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The degree to which relationships are scrutinized, examined, put under stress and exposed in reality TV is seemingly endless.

, show couples scraping and saving in order to have enough money for their dream weddings while the whole event is documented on camera.

This endless slew of programs all surrounding relationships are some of the most popular on television.

Therefore, a modern day Daria reboot would probably be an amazing idea.

Before the days of American Idol and Lip Sync Battle, it was up to random teens and young adults to take the stage and belt their hearts out on live television.

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