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Planning is optimized to cascade independent demand down to the dependent levels through MRP.

That demand is then handed off to the next supplier and so on and so forth.

When the next supply node performs the same demand adjustment, the resulting modified demand is amplified.

Multi-Echelon Supply Chain A multi-echelon supply chain is defined as a network of multiple tiers of supply nodes.

They have an own label option and sell to specific retailers and package their goods using the retailers’ own brand packaging and they sell direct to customers via high street stores, online and in other retailers.

An example of Push and Pull Strategy can be seen with a South African winery.

If you only sell direct to customers, that’s a pull strategy.They have a large product portfolio and sell ranges into their distributors.For a service business, they often use pull strategies, for example, Intel, the computer chip company created 'Intel Inside' their brand ingredient programme by persuading manufacturers that their computers would have higher perceived value if they featured Intel in their own marketing, resulting in customers wanting to know if the PC they were buying included an Intel chip. If you only sell via retailers, you have a push strategy.The bottle carried the message ’Maybe you will write about it. You never know.’ It was a successful campaign and many bloggers started writing about the wine, resulting in the orders from supermarkets. A push strategy gets a larger volume of products out to customers faster.A pull strategy can take longer and involve many smaller orders.

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