Problem updating windows vista

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However, in a few cases, the system has been infected with the DNSChanger trojan.One of the most common problems associated with Windows Vista Update Error 80244019 is the DNSChanger Trojan.This information is the same basic info that I recommend for the dreaded Limited or No Connectivity issues as well. 1) Your Network or DSL router may have bad or missing information.Powercycle your router and/or rebuild the configuration in your router. Make sure you have the correct type of cabling, straight-through CAT 5 or possibly a crossover cable.

This error message indicates there is a problem reaching the update server, however this explanation does not make sense since other computers on my network including another Vista machine can access the Internet and update properly.

You should also disconnect any hardware connected to your computer, including printer, phone, camera, external hard drive, and other USB peripherals.

Sometimes connected devices can be the reason why your system fails during the upgrade.

On many sites on the web, there was a solution posted that referenced a registry entry located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Update\AU.

From my investigation this registry entry generally does not exist and therefore does not fix the problem.

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