Physical attractiveness in dating

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The discrepancy between the experimental results and the subjects' perceptions of how the factors affected their attraction were interpreted to indicate that people may not be aware of what attracts them to another and may use “implicit causal theories” provided by the culture to explain their attraction responses.An earlier draft of this paper was presented at the Second Iowa/International Network Conference on Personal Relationships, Iowa City, May 1989. Everyone has heard of the, "Don't judge a book by its cover," and "It's what's inside that counts." It's all true, and right and just. We can't always find a flower beautiful just because it smells sweet. Some of these people are also smart, nice, funny and sweet.But, we are able to learn more about the flower and maybe it can smell a little more pleasant with time. But then, sometimes a gorgeous person can be selfish, mean, gossipy, jealous, dumb. Someone beautiful can become uglier because of their personality, and someone can become more attractive because of their personality My best friend M used to date some real losers, hot guys, but dumb with no ambition.In most cases, physical appeal is all we have to base our initial attraction.Physical beauty, however, is only the first step and not the whole staircase.

Contrary to sex role stereotypes, males and females were similarly affected by these partner characteristics.

Twigs and leaves and stuff (boobies, prominent jawlines, or whatever it is that you're in to) are all hugely important, but not essential, to get any meaningful fire going.

What really counts is that you have some real substance if you plan on keeping that thing ablaze. Just remember that the 'looks' thing is only the starter: people without logs spend a lot more time building crappy fires than they do roasting marshmallows over the heat.

This week one of my clients asked me if I thought they were being unreasonable with their dealmakers and dealbreakers.

They had completed my e Work Book (click here for your free copy) and it got them thinking.

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