Other age dating sim dornick

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The NPCs present on each floor changes as you summon a different girl in other playthroughs. The restricted icon has a walkthrough on completing your date.

They might recognize the girl you’re with and try to talk to them, thus unlocking the main quest. You will receive a bunch of encyclopedias detailing the story behind OASE.

A direct sequel to the original Other Age dating sim, OASE is back with a cast of quirky characters to interact with, as a dating sim that plays out like a visual novel.

This time, the Prince of Zeiva Empire is sent by his mom on a quest to find his ideal girlfriend.

She immediately demands her son, Prince to become a “Real Man” by meeting some ladies from an alternative universe or time period.

You are able to choose three difficulty levels which may remove the hints and cheats menu.

Dude Artist is a background NPC who loves to paint.

There were a total of 31 endings to collect and dates that consisted of simple minigames.Dude Artist is happy to paint almost theme; weapons, foods, drinks, animals, interiors, exteriors, fruits, crystallites, machines, glowing, abstract, cocktails–and who could forget the However, making the wrong decision could yield devastating but hilarious consequences.If Prince summoned any of these four girls; Aeza, Chena, Rosey, or Nachel, he would need to hop on Jess Express to explore the new areas such as Cloud City and Dude Island.It's great fun kissing your guy or gal in the stables where you work but what if the boss catches you?Unfortunately you will find a large boot in your behind if he does catch you so make sure your boss is asleep when you kiss.

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