Orthodoxy and dating

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Eager to limit the influence of the Pope, many western European countries adopted Protestantism within decades.

Although England broke away from Rome in 1534, its theology and liturgy were still heavily influenced by Catholicism until the 17th century.

Orthodox Christians venerate Mary and a host of saints, holding them up as examples of Christian life and as intercessors between God and Man.

While Mary played a special role in the life of Jesus, she does not play any intercessory role in the life of Christians.

Here I am, an Orthodox Jew sharing with you all my insight and knowledge. From its teachings, culture, lifestyle to every small ritual detail.

Orthodoxy and Protestantism are two of Christendom’s three major divisions.

Eastern Orthodoxy springs from a line of beliefs that have changed very little since the earliest days of Christianity.

In the 11th century, following doctrinal disagreements on the nature of the Holy Spirit and the authority of the Bishop of Rome, the Eastern church broke off from its Western counterpart.

While she was a virgin at the time of the Nativity, she did not remain a virgin forever.

Orthodox Christians venerate Mary as the (God-bearer), as the son she bore was God in human form.

Orthodoxy teaches that parents do not transmit the guilt of Adam’s original sin to their children; therefore, Mary was born sinless just like everyone else.

Most Protestant denominations do not require celibacy for members of the clergy.4.

Most Protestants believe in the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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