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Telling friends: It’s funny to see friends’ reactions — I’ve gotten a lot of, “Oh that’s so great but I could never do that.” I’m sharing this about .

We agreed we were solid — if something were going to break us up, it wasn’t going to be someone else. They’re still together, they’re coming up on two years.He can practice with someone else, refine his skill set and come home to do it with me!Why she likes an open relationship: The independence is a turn-on for me — dressing up, going out by myself, switching away from my role as a wife and mom.It’s the same as deciding whether to live in the city or country or suburbs — there’s nothing wrong with any of them, but one will probably feel like the more natural direction for you.On telling others: If anyone asks if there’s someone special in my life, I say, “Yes! And it has added so much more than I ever thought it could.

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