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For instance, if you like a guy you sat with for 3 minutes but couldn’t discreetly check out and note down his number…fear not! Simply check out the number of the next guy and the guy that approaches you after him e.g.

if the next two guys have a reference code of m11 and m12, most likely the first guy’s reference number is m10. My sister’s friend once said ‘why dress down for people, they should be dressing up for you’.

Although the story and characters are dead serious, there are comedic elements that, although dark, make the program fun to watch.

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You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.Each pair is given three minutes to talk and, if interested, check yes/ maybe next to that person.If you’re not interested simply leave the box blank.However, Honey still felt bad not being there in his time of need.When I asked her if she’d like to go to the event with me and she said yes, I thought this could be a great opportunity for her to really understand there are more guys out there for her and for her to realise that if she believes she deserves a better guy, it’ll happen.

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