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According to the documents lodged with the court, the woman told family members Curtis had "flipped out" when she said she wanted to go, telling her "do you think I'm that f**king silly, you're not leaving".

But the woman refused to help police, so officers took action themselves, successfully applying for the restraining order.

In its decision to release him this year, the parole board commented that Curtis' treating psychologist noted that a personality disorder is enduring and essentially a way of being and therefore cannot be cured.

Curtis was locked up as a result of the restraint order and resulting breach, but the Justice Department would not comment on whether he was still behind bars, or has again been released on parole into the community.

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The papers lodged with the court detail a large bruise and swelling to the woman's right cheek and jaw and swelling around her right eye.

They then drove the couple to Gretna where they stabbed Mr Allie 12 times. In sentencing, then-chief justice William Cox said Curtis's conduct was a "sustained course of brutal abduction, assault, sexual abuse and ultimately murder" over a period of 12 hours.

Chief Justice Cox noted that the conduct was "unprovoked, brutal, prolonged, indiscriminate and callous"."In the scale of seriousness of criminal conduct culminating in murder, this case ranks amongst the worst one is likely to encounter," he said.

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