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Forensic characteristics: abducted or ambushed - killed in the vicinity of the encounter - on rural road and bush terrain - found facedown in six-inches of water on bank of creek - mud and sand found in mouth - clad in orange blouse ripped open in front - peddle-pusher/toreador style pants partly pulled down - no penetrative rape reported or determined - walked or forced through bush on footpath from road to creek - drowned forcibly by head being held in mud and creek - purse found on the opposite bank of the creek with contents intact - Sunday afternoon.

May 14, 1966 Found in water south branch Metedeconk River near Cook's Bridge, Jackson Township. Wearing panties which did not appear to be disturbed. Worked at Milt’s Cup and Saucer, 174 Maplewood in a restaurant.

Suspected serial killer Raymond Alves lived in Polizzi's neighborhood in 1967. Reported missing by family after failing to return from evening band practice at Cause of death: skull fracture with a blunt object and multiple slashes to the throat with edged instrument. Forensic characteristics: strangled with wire/rope or chain of the crucifix she was wearing. Found Tuesday at am by Robert Lewis who lived with Ryan and her three children when he returned home to their second floor apartmen. Abducted in or from their vehicle - cut, stabbed and scratched with a short pen or paring knife - some superficial knife scratches - bruised and beaten - evidence of sexual assault [not specified] - one victim found nude with fatal wound to the neck - the other victim wearing torn Susan Davis and Elizabeth Perry were last seen alive on Friday May 30, 1969 at a.m.

Some sources note that serial killer Ted Bundy attended Temple University from January through May 1969 and apparently did not move west until after Memorial Day weekend.

While Bundy's accounts of his earliest crimes varied considerably between interviews, he told forensic psychologist Art Norman that his first murder victims were two women "in the Philadelphia area." Forensic characteristics: abducted near home - found by side of the road near cemetery - nude from waist up - bra loose around neck - beaten - bruises on chin and face - black eye - strangled with chain of crucifix according to police - sexually assaulted - bloody palm print on thigh - Monday evening murder On Monday, July 14, 1969, at approximately p.m., Denise Falasca, age 15, left her residence on 32 Bergenline Avenue in Closter, New Jersey, to go to her friend's house in Westwood, NJ.

Denise was supposed to be home at p.m.; however, she never returned home.

Witnesses reported seeing Denise walking on Old Hook Road in Emerson, towards Westwood, at approximately p.m, that evening.

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