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He is a graffiti artist, the cops are after him because he's sprayed a few banks and other institutions, and he's gorgeous, but he's also got a few problems of his own.

When you say though, that you did run it by a number of teenage readers, what have you done to make sure that everything rings true in it? One of the little items that came up that one reader pointed out to me, is that they don't have blackboards in schools anymore.

And when you think about it, Anne of Green Gables smashes a slate over Gilbert's head — the technology has changed in schools! But the truth, what we feel deep down, seems to be a kind of an essential thing.

The novel follows Flannery as she navigates her family's precarious financial situation, high school, and an undying love for the handsome Tyrone., writing for teenagers, and her favourite young female heroine. Why did you decide to turn your hand to young adult fiction? I've been taking notes for this book for over ten years.But I think the ones that have — because I gave to teenagers before it was published to get some feedback — I think they're experiencing it in the same way.Flannery has relationships with adults, but she is also totally in love with Tyrone, who is the quintessential unobtainable heartthrob.I use it sparingly because it's used for a particular purpose.And certainly the internet plays a huge role in the book, and some shaming that occurs.

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