Nina dobrev dating derek

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But nobody’s forcing her to hang out with Julianne and Derek at their house.Even if she’s friends with Julianne, if she was uncomfortable seeing Derek, she could have easily asked Julianne to spend time elsewhere. And that too, an ex that you may or may not have cheated on to get back with your previous ex-boyfriend?That’s right, Hough has dated India de Beaufort and Shannon Elizabeth in the 2010s.Subsequently, he has had relationships with Cheryl Cole and Nina Dobrev.

What is less known is that he also makes fast moves in his personal life.

19, the smooth dancer specifically requested shoes "for his girlfriend" and then "texted Nina for her size," an eyewitness tells Us.

Nina Dobrev has been spending time with ex-boyfriend Derek Hough over the Christmas holidays, which obviously means they’re on good terms.

They kinda have to be, considering Nina’s best friends with Derek’s sister, Julianne Hough.

However, that does lead us to wonder how Nina’s rumored on-again/off-again boyfriend Ian Somerhalder is taking the news.

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