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People often think they need to be confident at something, before they can try it, so they query me as to how to find that confidence, so they can give it a go. Here is the formula I teach to build confidence: Take Action – Reframe Your Failure – Build a Habit of Success – Increase confidence This model applies to confidence in any area of life.

While situational confidence will help you immediately, it is core confidence that will create the most solid foundation for your newly learned set of skills and allow you to spread your confidence more easily through other areas of your life.

You’ve also internalised a formula you can apply to build confidence in any area of life you choose.

In addition to building this type of situational confidence, it’s also important (over time) to work on developing your Core Confidence.

I can speak from first-hand experience that failing in dating, isn’t fun.

Having to reframe a sour look from someone you were attracted to isn’t easy. If you can garner the courage to risk talking, flirting, and going on dates with more men and importantly – higher quality men – than you have previously, while, at the same time, reframing your failures as positive indicators you’re taking action, then you’ve cracked the code to generating confidence in dating.

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