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His dad had been in the Army and, at his funeral, Eric had been presented with the flag. He'd shifted very quickly from excitement to the sadness of grief. But the next time, I cried deeply listening to stories of my longtime family friends losing their matriarch.

Hearing "Taps" would usually get him a little choked up. I cried for the beauty of her love story with her own husband, who had died a few months before.

One morning, when Eric woke up, the paramedics were there and his dad suddenly wasn't.But so far, it felt like I just made everyone uncomfortable.A sudden death like my mother's makes everyone you know think about losing the people they love the most.But unfortunately we don’t get a deciding vote on how and when people fall in love. Right now, it may not be possible for you and your father to console each other. Everything has been perfect — except for one small hiccup. If dried-up quarts of paint have any value, your neighbor should donate them to charitable organizations.Every few days, our ground-floor neighbor, who enters the building at street level, puts a bin of unwanted household goods on our stoop: old toys, used cans of paint, trophies, etc. My boyfriend asked our neighbor to keep the bin on the sidewalk to prevent our tripping over it. Otherwise they’re just litter, or the beginning of a personal injury suit.

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