Milo ventimiglia alexis bledel dating

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“We did have a joke about casting all of Alexis’ [real-life] boyfriends,” casting director Mara Casey dished, revealing for the first time that one of Bledel’s real-life boyfriends was Jared Padalecki, who played her other boyfriend on the series, Dean. And she also dated a young New York actor named Chris Heuisler, who played a guest role.

Real sweet kid.” Considering what casting director Jami Rudofsky had to say about Bledel’s co-stars, it’s not surprising that she ended up dating a bunch of them.

“Sometimes with casting, the right person just walks in and you just feel it,” she said about the time she had Bledel do a chemistry read with Ventimiglia, adding that the chemistry between the two was just undeniable, both on- and offscreen.

The same thing happened with Padalecki, who didn’t even need to do a chemistry read because it was obvious he was right for the role, Rudofsky said.

Rory never ended up with any of her three leading men (played also by Jared Padalecki and Matt Czuchry.) During a question and answer session with Buzzfeed, a fan asked, "Who do you think Rory should have ended up with: Dean, Jess, or Logan?

She kept her relationships private at the time, but apparently she dated so many people from the show, it became a running inside joke on set.

He is dating Kelly Egarian who is a marketing coordinator.

Their relationship was confirmed when they were seen kissing each other in the Emmy’s 2017 after party.

Talking about Milo Ventimiglia dating life, he is in a relationship.In 2009, Ventimiglia was spotted with Isabella Brewster, sister of actor Jordana Brewster.In February 2010, the pair was seen at Disneyland, but then two years later, Brewster was reported to be dating Russell Brand, so the coupling of Brewster and Ventimiglia must have been fairly short-lived.The actress presented this evening, and served to round out one of Stephen Colbert's best hosting moments of the night–where he brought out former press secretary Sean Spicer in a comedy bit, and called him by Mc Carthy's name as a nod to her brilliant reoccurring portrayal of Spicer on It seems that we weren't the only ones who noticed the full-circle Gilmore Girls reunion tonight.The creator of The Handmaid's Tale, Bruce Miller, didn't hesitate to mention Bledel's professional evolution during his acceptance speech.

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