Men dating rules

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Now, some men can’t be blamed for behaving like this.It’s entirely possible that they have no idea how to be a gentleman.With so many rom-coms and TV shows depicting men in this light, there are some young men out there who don’t have the slightest idea how to treat a lady.13 rules of etiquette for a real gentleman Are you one of these men who don’t know what it takes to be a real gentleman?[Read: The 12 important dating rules for classy men and women] #6 Control how many drinks you’ll have or don’t drink at all.

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Manners are what differentiate a gentleman from an uncivilized slob. This is pretty much a no-brainer, but so many men *and some women* seem to forget this. You’re out on a date with a girl and you notice that her bag is on the table.So unless you know how to hold your alcohol well, avoid ordering that fourth beer.It will help you curb the urge to burp uncontrollably too.Watch what you drink and what you say or else you might get a slap in the face. Nothing is ruder than blatantly paying attention to other things when someone is clearly trying to talk to you.Even if your date is talking about something you find absolutely boring, make it a point to try and listen to her.

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