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Not only did Malta persevere during the Crusades, it was victorious against the Turks in 1565 and survived intense bombardment during World War II. Maltese place particular emphasis on the nation that emerged after Christian conversion.The long-ruling Knights of Malta recruited their members from noble families throughout Europe while denying the Maltese entry into their ranks.Most houses lack lawns and are attached to each other in rows that nestle close to sidewalks or streets, which are often narrow.Some bedrooms may be entered only by passing through other bedrooms; their doors often are left open, with curtains providing some privacy.Terracing is used to contain erosion in agricultural areas, and herding is confined mostly to Gozo.There is little wildlife besides insects and migratory birds.Although all residents call themselves Maltese, people on Gozo also are called Gozitans.The earliest written reference to Malta is in the biblical account of Saint Paul's shipwreck. Malta is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea.

A Jewish community numbers about one hundred twenty, and settlers from India number about sixty.Sicily is 58 miles (93.3 kilometers) to the north, and Tunisia is 194 miles (312.5 kilometers) to the west.The territory of the three inhabited islands is 94.9 square miles (320 square kilometers).As this order was able to maintain itself in Malta largely by keeping the nation on a continuous war footing, it was anachronistic at a time when Europeans in countries such as England and France were being introduced to the Industrial Revolution.Still, two centuries after Napoleon forced the Knights to leave Malta, chivalry, as well as pride in European and Catholic identity associated with a knightly and crusading heritage, impacts Maltese nationalism in fundamental ways. Maltese people celebrate the contributions to their culture of Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Normans, Sicilians, Swabians, Arogonese, Castilian, the Knights, and the British.

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