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Before that, our mom can show and then hide a teddy and we would think is gone.

After we understand that objects continue to exist even when we can’t see them. We want to smell flowers, taste food, listen to sounds and talk to strangers.

Our advanced cognitive abilities allow us to understand abstract concepts such as success and failure, love and hate.

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As we are not able to apply specific cognitive operations, Piaget calls this stage ‘pre-operational’.Piaget’s theory argues that we have to conquer four stages of cognitive development. Only once we have gone through all the stages, at what age can vary, we are able to reach full human intelligence. In the sensori-motor stage, we develop through experiences and movement our five senses. Third the concrete operational stage and fourth the formal operational stage.I'm an affectionate and thoughtful person, with a giving nature and a zest for life.I'm told that I'm warm and caring, very grounded, and have a great sense of style.

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