Laws on dating coworkers

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After two months, I started dating with one of my coworker and we were going smoothly until now.

Since we are a small company, it is easily to be found out by others that we are dating, including my manager.

Q: My business partner is dating one of his direct reports.

To avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, he wants her to report to me instead.

It is possible that both will agree to stop dating in order to preserve their work relationship and maintain goodwill with the rest of the company staff.

(Because, seriously, who would want to work on that team?

It's hard to describe how weird she is, but she started to being more strict on jobs. I never doubt that she as a manager, should be strict on daily work.

Dating an owner can reduce a talented professional to being considered “the boss’s girlfriend,” which can inhibit her colleagues’ trust and the flow of information, torpedoing work collaboration.So, from both the business and ethical perspectives—to keep your staff from getting distracted by a soap opera and to give the employee involved an opportunity to leave a complicated situation and come out even (or ahead) professionally—you should focus on separating the work and romantic relationships.Once you have this situation sorted out, I recommend taking a look at the larger issue of interoffice romances.And when romance blooms at the office—especially with the boss—it’s disruptive to other employees, triggering questions about fairness, favoritism, transparency, credibility and accountability.The distraction can tear at even the most cohesive group.

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