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Retrospectively, it is also impossible to disregard the existence of Penang’s heritage buildings.

To gradually evolve the typology of the shophouses without modifying its existing urbanscape, the stacking method became one of the most ideal method to exhibit realistic spatial and facade transformation through time.

Hence, creating an endlessly growing and evolving tower. The transformation, as it progresses upwards indicate the adaptation of style from the level below and as well as the adaptation to the norm of the time.

Though the companies came to an amicable agreement out of the courts (after a jury found Markforged not guilty) last October, it seems that the companies’ legal troubles are not quite over.

More specifically, Markforged claims that the desktop metal 3D printing company was in breach of its settlement contract when it sent certain marketing materials, or “Battle cards,” to over 100 of its resellers.

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