Kingdom hearts dating sim

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Ruby Rose, una joven de 16 años quien vive en Traverse Town, un día se encuentra un fragmento de cristal de procedencia desconocida.

Ella guarda aquel fragmento ya que a sus ojos es muy lindo, pero un día unas sombras y bestias comenzarían a atacar Traverse Town, junto a unos sujetos encapuchados los cuales decretan que están bajo la búsqueda de dicho cristal.

Vanitas manages to team up with the new Keyblade bearer and his friends, and go on a journey to save the worlds from darkness.

The only question is, how long can they go without trying to kill each other?

Click here for the walkthrough and list of cheat codes.

There was someone in front of the dock, facing away from him. With a barely a motion, Riku called his keyblade, Braveheart flickering into existence.

Its skin was dark grey and washed-out, a hollow facsimile of a boy, in a dark jacket accented in sickly greens and yellows.

The figure jolted to life, as if just now noticing his presence.

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