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She is the one and only forever in my heart and back home again my African Queen.” They can be pretty petty too. Rich mzungu billionaires like Italian Flavio Briatore don’t fly to Malindi to date skinny African girls. Others nestle in luxury tented camps in the Mara or rent a villa at the coast, where money-hungry girls from Eastlands cannot find them.

While most Africans will let some things go, white guys do make small things a big deal. In April this year, Busia widow Zilpah Bett, wanted her Canadian tenant Bryan Erick Fockler, arrested and prosecuted over Sh380,000 10-month rent arrears.

Any group of young people living and thriving in Nairobi will agree on this: ‘sponsorship’ is a hot topic and the source of many heated discussions.

The terminology changes from ‘Sugar Dating’ to ‘Mentorship’ (in Nigeria) to ‘Blessings’ (in South Africa), but the broad concept remains: an older man giving a younger woman gifts or money in exchange for sex.

Like in all stories at the center of popular discourse, there are two main narratives around sponsorship.

One tells a story of empowerment, freedom and agency, where women can apply their sexual liberation for personal gain, enjoying a life of luxury, fun and excitement in way that works well alongside their student life.

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Principles from behavioral science can improve young women’s decision-making when it comes to sponsorship, listed below as thoughts inspired by this research: This topic of sponsorship is a complex and intricate one which needs further research to truly understand the relationship dynamics and behaviors brought to light in this study.As a behavioral science research organization, we are interested in understanding people’s decision-making processes; in this instance: how people weigh decisions between sex, money, and relationships.We recruited 252 female-university students between 18 to 24 years old at our research lab in the center of Nairobi to shed light on this process.From now on, I take no liability for all her financial or other transactions. But please, do not come back bitch.” The German guy accused his wife of stealing his car and Sh1 million before going into hiding. What does their dress code of rugged jeans, dirty sport shoes and backpacks tell you?However, despite the online drama, a week later, Pleschke asked her to come back home via the same platform, posting that, “Nakupenda Eva Karwitha. Some of them have saved for a lifetime to just afford the trip to Africa, while others are retired and enjoying their pension away from cold relatives and even colder weather.

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