Kelley earnhardt dating

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Amy Reimann is an American interior designer and former college cheerleader.

She previously worked as a project coordinator in the private architecture and planning firm, Wakefield Beasley & Associates. She is now a Director of Charlotte Studio at the Micamy Design Studio.

Theresa has neither admitted nor denied romantic involvement with Menard as she remains a very private person.

The cast of Dale - 2007 includes: Marshall Brooks as himself Richard Childress as himself Teresa Earnhardt as herself Kelley Earnhardt as herself Kerry Earnhardt as himself Dale Earnhardt as himself Brian France as himself Mike Helton as himself Paul Newman as Narrator Taylor Nicole Earnhardt as herself Doug Richert as himself Dale Earnhardt Jr.

She belongs to American nationality and her ethnicity is White-American.

Amy Reimann spent her childhood in Taxes with her family.

Reimann has undertaken many projects and has successfully completed a number of high-end interior design projects.

She is best known for her engagement to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

and married to Kentucky defensive line coach, Tommy Cook. Their wedding ceremony took place at Richard Childress' Childress Vineyards in Lexington, North Carolina.

Amy Reimann's net worth is expected to be close to millions.

She has earned a good amount of salary from her work and has maintained such an impressive net worth in her life.

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