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If anything, Maas' visit convinced Tehran that the Europeans cannot be counted on. Attacks have been carried out against American facilities in Iraq, though no one has taken credit for them. An oil tanker burned near the Strait of Hormuz, and though it's not entirely clear who attacked it and five other ships, the government in Tehran has long made it known that it considers the world's most important trading route for oil to be part of its strategic capital.

Wars also happen when there doesn't appear to be a face-saving way out for either side. is shortening the lifespan of the regime in Tehran -- which will do anything it can to survive. Houthi militias in Yemen have intensified their attacks against the U. If Iran can't export oil, then other countries shouldn't be allowed to do so either.

On the other side is the Islamic Republic of Iran, the leading regional power in the Middle East, with its army of allied militias and armed groups reaching all the way from Lebanon to Pakistan.

Somewhere on the periphery of all this -- passive, and therefore lacking all influence -- are Germany and Europe.

Wars begin when there are no more channels of communication and everyone misjudges their opponent's motives and intentions.

Iran was still trying to acquire a nuclear weapon, he said, and arming the U. On the one side is the American superpower, with the largest armed forces and the strongest economy in the world.

It is prepared to use its economic clout as a weapon to enforce global sanctions against Iran.

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