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The majority relate to primary schools, with some made against the DES.The DES plays no role in the day-to-day running of schools.Many are referred back to the school if the complainant has not tried to have the issue addressed locally.

Complaints have also been made by extended family members and professionals working directly with children, including teachers, principals and social workers.Both children were diagnosed with learning and behavioural difficulties and both felt that end-of-term and classroom reporting and feedback was impacting negatively on their children.They also felt that recommendations in occupational therapy and psychological reports were not being implemented. The Ombudsman found that although the school was pro-active in creating educational plans, the tone of their reporting was negative and, wrongly, benchmarked the children against their peers.Logan says the Department of Education and Skills (DES) has failed in its responsibility to introduce a proper school-complaints process, and the National Parents’ Council (Primary) is deeply unhappy with the current procedure.Complaints made against schools tend to concern how peer bullying is handled; decisions relating to expulsions and suspensions; issues around school transport or special needs resources; and teacher behaviour or attendance.

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