I don want to play the dating game

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We have all felt the rush of getting to know someone new; a person to whom we are attracted who may also be attracted to us.

The feelings of intrigue, lust, uncertainty, anticipation, confusion and passion all mix to create the intoxicating cocktail of desire we call attraction (which some of us are addicted to).

Dating is comprised of attraction, intrigue, lust, stomach butterflies and relationships are very much the same, with the addition of trust, security, openness, etc.

Both, however, share another common factor: The balance of power.

The thing about this particular phenomenon, however, is no matter how hard we try, we will play dating games.

It's simply a natural necessity in the dynamics of human attraction.

The amount of these two factors also determines the intensity of the attraction.

The four following points offer an explanation as to why games will always be played in the dating arena: At the risk of oversimplifying, in the initial stages of human attraction, there are two particular components that, once stirred, can increase attraction. Desire and confusion lead to another large element: Intrigue.

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Dating is the first stage of revealing our emotions to someone else.

This is another rather important reason game playing exists.

It will, indeed, continue to exist in dating dynamics as long as humans have insecurities and vulnerabilities.

The reason why most of us feel we shouldn't be too vulnerable with another person is because we obviously don't want to get hurt.

If we open ourselves up people too soon and they don't like us for whatever reason, it can be a huge blow to our self-esteem, pride and vanity.

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