How has dating changed over the years

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Today, hundreds of potential partners are just a swipe away, thanks to the proliferation of dating apps.Just half a century ago, there were only a handful of TV networks.However, this could lead one to feel as if potential partners are expendable and there is no need to limit one’s self as the possibilities are seemingly endless.

In fact, according to CDC data, less than 50 percent of American homes now have a landline, with most opting for cell service instead.

The reason cited was likened to game mechanics: if you like someone and they don’t like you; it’s not a problem because you can just move onto the next one.

There is no fear of failure as for a few rejections, you receive a few matches.

While it’s not exactly like jogging or playing sports was invented in the last 50 years, the global focus on fitness has undeniably increased in the past half-century.

While having a treadmill in your house in 1968 may have made you stand out, it’s not uncommon for people to own pieces of fitness equipment in their homes, and there are now more than 35,000 gyms in the United States alone.

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