Home improvement the dating game

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Tim Allen portrays the head of the family, Tim Taylor.

After the years of Home Improvement, Tim reprised his role as Buzz Lightyear in the sequels of hit Pixar franchise Toy Story.

Heidi is very attractive, and it seems that many of the “Tool Time” male viewers are there only to see her, but she is also a master electrician.

She wasn’t just popular with “Tool Time” viewers, but real life viewers as well.

Patricia also made a guest appearance on Tim Allen’s TV show, Last Man Standing, in which the two made Home Improvement references about their former “marriage”.

Besides her acting career, Patricia is the National Spokesperson for Cure PSP, an organization dedicated to researching the disease from which her father passed away in 2005.

If you’re intrigued to see what the actors have been up to in the last two decades, look no further.

The actor appeared on several TV shows, like UPN drama Veronica Mars, legal drama Ally Mc Beal and even guest starred as Kaley Cuoco’s love interest on comedy 8 Simple Rules.

She isn’t just your typical housewife, but a feminist and a career woman.

Daughter to a military man, Jill is quite bossy and strong-willed, and is better not to be messed with, because she has one heck of a right hook.

This year, Zachery will appear in superhero action series, Adi Shankar’s Gods and Secrets. As a kid, he constantly teams up with Brad to play pranks on their younger brother, Mark.

But in his teenage years he left his mischievous days behind (although he always remained a jokester) and became more focused on his interests.

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