Height dating study

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In his study, consisting of 145 females, 32 percent reported this as their preferred height. Thirty-two percent is not everyone, and most certainly not the majority, so this statistic might give you hope! Tall men also tended to command attention from others, which women found appealing. Did you know that tall men aren’t as affected by dominance cues as are short men?

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The preference for the six foot tall man is overwhelming, says Hensley. Did you know that we host the largest nonverbal cue catalog, a free comprehensive book on body language, and a track the ongoing research in nonverbal communication? Courtship American style: newspaper advertisements. As you might expect, height has been shown to be more important to men than to women’s attractiveness. But if you’re getting all caught up in feeling sorry for yourself, let me stop you right there, because while men are dreaming of shacking up with attractive women, women are caught up in shacking up with tall men – and naturally, in all things, there is a shortage of what’s desirable. Height and attraction: Do men and women see eye-to-eye? As it turns out research says that women also, and eventually, settle for men whom measure less than their ideal.

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