Funny questions to ask when speed dating

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People are usually interested in what they have to say, so try contributing to the given topic as best as you can.If you feel like switching to a different topic, do so casually and naturally.Feel free to use the ‘I’ word, just be sure it includes them: I came here last week and I loved it. Look them squarely in the eye, pay attention to what they’re saying and make them feel like the most irristable person alive. 2013 - Speed Dating Tip A good conversation is an art, that some people spend years learning and practicing.

Sometimes it does not matter much how silly topic you will discuss, but it is important to start off with a smile.Common rule is also to avoid talks about controversial topics like politics or religion.There is just not enough time on speed dating to have a debate about such topics and you do't want to spoil something right from the start.Interject once they’re finished, rather than interrupting with your (more interesting! And when the time is right, reveal a little about yourself and then flip the spotlight back to them.That will help encourage your flirt-mate to open up and keep the conversation balanced evenly between you. Your flirt-mate will take it as a great compliment!

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