Fuck date no creditg card required

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Weird I know, but hey construction management is a great career, and I love American Studies, but there are no careers in it other than being a professor or teacher. I interned with them last summer and again this summer.

I’m hoping for a full-time offer after this summer.

Let’s laugh until our stomachs are crying — from there, the sky and the moon are the limits.

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(an actual connection would be fresh, but I’m realistic.)I fought the urge to keep my dinner down as unattractive men offered a woman — (whose face as guarded as her soul) meals with more class than a drive-thru window at Taco Bell could ever provide.

Basically does it matter when you pay off your credit card balance?

I had my credit checked recently and maybe she just hit the highlights or something but she didn't mention the store credit card I have.

I’ m at the point in my life where what I do for work is valued over a quick dollar.

I guess that’s easy to say when your family smothers you with money instead of emotional affection.

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