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You can test this feature by sneaking around your own property in front of your camera and seeing if it triggers any alerts.Most of the time, floodlight cameras are going to be in areas where you are going to want to record a wide area.Light brightness is measured in lumens and for a floodlight you’re generally going to want a lot of lumens. If you’re interested in connecting your floodlight cam to home automation features you’re going to want to see if it has IFTTT or Alexa compatibility.Amazon Alexa is a great way to automate your smart home products.Two-way audio allows users to communicate with people on the video feed.This can come in handy for directing package deliveries, helping someone enter the home, or even help you scare away someone trespassing on your property even while you’re away from home.Floodlight cameras, like other outdoor cameras, are going to have a lot of different options available.

This feature can either be activated remotely or paired with facial recognition software and automatically trigger when someone unrecognized enters the cameras view.

Local storage is cheaper in that it doesn’t require you to pay a monthly fee to store your video, but this option also leaves you vulnerable to someone stealing your footage and is less convenient for reviewing your recordings.

Some companies will offer some free cloud storage, but most of the time you will pay around a month for a 24-48 hour block of video storage.

For example, you wouldn’t want a tree blowing in the wind to trigger your camera to record, but you would want someone walking up your driveway to trigger an alert.

This will also reduce your camera from crying wolf all of the time and creating a habit of ignoring motion alerts.

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