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Nowadays, doxxing is used to shame or punish people who would rather stay anonymous, because of their controversial beliefs or other types of non-mainstream activity.

Think of it like Hansel and Gretel, only it’s a much scarier story when it happens to you.

After this episode, there is little information to go around as to what happened next to Michael Brutsch.

But his life as a notorious Reddit troll is just one search away.

For a long while, Michael Brutsch succeeded in keeping his online identity, violentacrez, a secret.

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For instance, he created subreddits (subforums) around misogyny or sexualized photos of underage women. Anonymous is legend for working together to Dox people that commit some kind of crime. Here is a small list of sites to try once you have something to go on. "Doxing" is the act of finding out ones personal information (Name,address,phone#) from some kind of online account.Because most of us are careless with the information we share on the Internet.We leave behind a trail of breadcrumbs a cybercriminal can use to find out our real identity, then deploy a string of malicious attacks.

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