Diabloprogress not updating

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Barbarian / 20,000 / Mempo with crit I'll upload mine when i get back from work.Demonhunter Heroscore: 9,650 world: 50K (dh: 36326) Americas: 50K (dh: 13532) Lowest item: Hellfire ring, item score 273 Best item: Manticore, item score 2012 Edit: Actually, have the same problem as @zerokewl; don't think it's updating properly, cause it says my DH is only Paragon lvl 17, but he should be 29...You can track highest level / furthest progress hardcore character (inferno is not supposed to be beaten by hardcore chars, so any progress there might be worth tracking).Also maybe there will be a way to track boss killtime, but I doubt that one and assume it will be mostly in the inferno and/or hardcore aspect You can track highest level / furthest progress hardcore character (inferno is not supposed to be beaten by hardcore chars, so any progress there might be worth tracking).It did update my original sheet from a long time ago (the first time I hit the site was before there was even a paragon leveling system, so when I went to the site just now, it still had my unbuffed DPS for lvl 60 at around 82k; so at least that's been updated to an unbuffed DPS of 108.3k...) Heroscore: 10,977 Class: Monk Next Upgrade: Mempo with higher crit, nat ring with crit, litany of undaunted, and better weapons Monk/6075006 I'm sure my Skorn would bump it up a bunch, it's it's too soggy and slow Barb "Barb" Heroscore: 11,744 world: 50K (barb: 19523) Attacks per Second: 2.58 world: 27101 (barb: 1362) Woot! My innas pants and my no AR shoulders are my lowest items.You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.

I'm quite sure there will be something like an armory for diablo characters. Cmon, You can't really be the best in terms of diablo; The entire games purpose is to keep finding items. I assume it's gear and progress like you can also view it ingame The best in a Diablo game?Five years later, NBC decided to sell its interest in PAX TV and end its relationship with PAX owner, Paxson Communications.In 2003, amid a major financial crisis caused by over-expansion, Universal Studios' parent company, Vivendi Universal Entertainment (a division of Vivendi), decided to sell an 80% stake to NBC's parent company, General Electric.

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