Dealing dating rejection

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Maybe you have a tough time even getting people to initiate communication with you!

It’s quite possible that a large part of this rejection can be eliminated by making simple changes in your approach. If your phone calls never lead to anything, perhaps you’re calling too soon or too late, or perhaps you’re not speaking in a confident, casual tone.

In the world of dating, make sure you don’t spend too much time or emotional capital on the people who are on the fence.

If you’re constantly meeting new people, communicating, and asking people out or going on dates—sure, you will experience rejection, but you’ll be able to get past the rejecters much more quickly and to find the people who treasure your company.And don’t forget the other types of love all around you!The bonds you have with family and friends are more important than a few relative strangers’ decisions on whether or not to date you.If no one wants to go on a second dinner date, perhaps you need to choose a new restaurant for the first date!And if no one initiates communication with you on e Harmony, perhaps you could edit your profile, so that your first impression is filled with the things that give you joy—things your dates might also share.

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