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An optical clock is typically an atomic clock which employs ytterbium atoms instead of caesium atoms, and visible light instead of microwaves.

It isn’t some cosmic gas meter with time flowing through it. When a clockwork clock goes slower it’s because the clockwork goes slower.

You’d know that it was due to some issue with the mechanism.

Perhaps the oil was drying out and gumming up the works.

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And it’s clear from the context that the word velocity is as per “high velocity bullet”.

So a horizontal sonar wave tends to get refracted downwards: The sonar waves “veer” rather like a car veers when it encounters mud at the side of the road.Other than that, the equation takes the same general form, and the speed of light in space, in “vacuo”, is said to be 299,792,458 m/s or 670,616,629 mph.Note that the speed of sound in air varies, the speed of sound in water varies, and the speed of seismic waves in rock varies.And when an optical clock goes slower, it’s because the optics goes slower: And when .Yes, Einstein said the speed of light is constant in 1905 when he was doing special relativity, but by 1907 he was broadening his horizons and looking into what would become general relativity.

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