Dating ultrasound no heartbeat

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We kept trying, got pregnant again and lost it but we now have a 6 month old baby boy. I had a D&C for a missed MC (8 weeks) and at the time it was the right decision based on where I was emotionally, however I had complications from the D&C that I was not informed were a possibility.

Before you make a decision please please make sure you are informed of ALL the options and the pros and cons of each (e.g.

It can also be very hard to see all the tissue coming out - but some ladies find that it helps to see it go.I had to go back in for a checkup 10 days later to make sure it had all come out, which it had.It's worth waiting for a week I think, and seeing what happens. However I had a blighted ovum that turns out to be a missed miscarriage.I trust my doctor who I'm seeing on Monday but just don't know what to think or feel. Yes, it could work out fine, and yes, it could be a miscarriage coming. If you are very sure of your dates, you really would have expected to have seen a heartbeat by now.If you are less certain, there could still be a possibility of a happy outcome.

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