Dating through express sex

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They Fake it for the Same Reasons Women Fake It According to most of the men Morgentaler has treated, the primary reason for faking it was because it just wasn't going to happen for them during sex (which is also one of the reasons women fake orgasms).Maybe he's had too much drink, he's feeling anxious, or he's on medications for anxiety or depression that make it harder to orgasm.See, guys are just as familiar with the stereotype that they should have the higher libidos, though that doesn't make it true."What I'm seeing much more now are men who come in and describe a relationship where their partner wants to have sex a lot more than they do," says Morgentaler.But from the cases Morgentaler has seen in his practice, it's quite the opposite.Men, like women, are often more concerned with pleasing their partner.MORE: 8 Reasons Guys Love it When You Orgasm Some Men Are Incredibly Sensitive About Their Sexual Performance Again, we're not all that different, right?Morgentaler has had patients whose sexual dysfunction traced all the way back to a single negative comment or bad experience.

Even a simple 'that was great,' will do wonders." You May Have a Higher Libido Than Him According to Morgentaler, we're in the midst of a major sexual shift.In some cases, men can actually orgasm without ejaculating, says Morgentaler.In some men with diabetes, the opening to the bladder doesn't close well, and the fluid can go back into the bladder (it's released when they urinate after sex).From buff, tough men breaking down in his office to guys who are devastated when they find out their wife faked an orgasm, these cases have shown him that some men's confidence and masculinity is deeply rooted in how they see themselves through the eyes of their sexual partners.Obviously this doesn't mean you should lie to a guy about being amazing in bed (you wouldn't want someone doing that to you, either!

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