Dating someone with a stutter

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I’ve had close friends begin relationships with men seemingly (and suspiciously) perfect, only to learn much later that their boyfriends are privately debilitated by something. Because my disability isn’t something I can suppress or camouflage on first dates, I characterize myself as honestly as I can — and those who take the time to know me often follow suit.

A few months into dating my college boyfriend, I began introducing myself as person who stutters.

My college boyfriend lent me his laptop, hooked up a microphone and sat silently for an hour while the podcast was recorded.

I could tell that he was wholly, and wildly, proud of me.

After class, she asked whether she could run a feature on me in their next issue.

When the article was published, the host of a popular stuttering podcast reached out and asked whether I would be a guest on her show.

When it comes to dating, I certainly have no more luck than the average 20-something.

They engage in conversation as if there’s nothing unique about our exchange, as if stuttering isn’t a problem to be fixed but simply another form of speaking.Hi I've been talking with this guy for a few weeks. To answer your questions: I probably wouldn't tell him that his stutter is cute.During our first conversation I didn't even notice, but he has a stutter. There's a good chance he'll feel a bit objectified about this, and for most people in his position, stuttering may be a big part of his life - it can go deep and shape a lot of their personality and their life.When I met my college boyfriend, I was struck by his eloquence, his friendliness, his brains. That’s how we ended up in his dorm room, schoolbooks stacked around us, and me — stuttering, crying — spilling insecurities generally reserved only for my journal.While I spoke, he waited and listened, and I felt a surge of gratitude, as if I had found the one man sensitive enough to attempt to understand my speech disability.

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