Dating sites ads

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After all, the goal is to open a dialogue between advertisers and consumers that can be beneficial to both.

That conversation can be the first step in allowing everyone with a stake in the free internet to be on the same page.

The NAI is a group of over 100 members — companies from Google to Rocketfuel — that have joined forces to make data collection more responsible and transparent to consumers.

NAI President & CEO Leigh Freund gave us more insight into the organization’s values when we spoke with her recently.

The internet has become such a part of our daily lives that the government regulates it like a utility, but a delicate balance still exists between advertising and unrestricted access to the internet.

NAI members know consumer collaboration is the best way to move forward, and they want to build that trust.The Scoop: The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) is a coalition of over 100 companies — including the likes of Adobe, Google, and Rocketfuel — that are making data collection for digital advertising more responsible by being transparent with consumers about how it is collected and used.With a member code of conduct that constantly evolves to keep up with current digital trends, the NAI is always focused on the advertising technologies of the future — tablets, phones, and even smart TVs.Showing someone an ad for a free trial on a dating site when they’re browsing for shoes wouldn’t be very effective for the consumer or the advertiser.Many consumers don’t understand exactly how the ads are generated, but the NAI is working to take the mystery out of digital advertising and data collection.

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