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Over the last decade, the internet has changed the way we search for and find love. Online dating websites and apps have increased our potential partner options so much so that the dating game has, let's face it, become more difficult. ) To help you navigate the insanity of the online dating world, we spoke to real people with successful digital love stories.

In fact, according to a survey from Pew Research Center, 15 percent of U. Here, their best tips on how to tackle the dating scene's new norm. I used to think I had an idea of who I wanted to fall in love with, how I wanted to fall in love, and when I wanted to fall in love. The guy I fell in love with was totally unexpected.

But I'm so glad I reached out to him anyway.” — “Quality over quantity.

All the apps and websites today are about giving you so many options, almost *too* many options.

Don't get discouraged, the next match may be the one!

Open up your search criteria, sometimes you need to think outside the box.

I lived in the Bronx and thought dating someone from Queens would mean spending hours on the train. I don't think I would have looked at the profile of someone who was divorced or even someone who had kids.

Because I thought that those people had life experiences that I couldn't relate to.

I don’t remember her opening line but after a rapid fire of witty banter, maybe three lines, I said something forgettable and likely unfunny, and she said, “I hate that about us.” I was taken a little aback.We can all agree that modern love is not what it used to be.Gone are the days when everyone married their high school or college sweethearts, someone from work, or a family friend.Meeting after only speaking for a few minutes on an app is most likely going to feel strange.I gave Bill a second chance because he was handsome, accomplished, and genuinely seemed like a nice guy. We're getting married next week, so I'm very thankful that I did.

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