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Your data is encrypted with SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer).SSL is used for private data transmitted over the internet.At some point, we opted to establish our own members screening system and parted ways with RS2K on friendly terms.After a while, a pattern emerged wherein one in about every 100 hobbyist were difficult in some manner.This is what we learned when working with Preferred 411.A hobbyist contacts an escort or an escort agency by giving her his first name and P411 ID(she can verify his first name - it is always included in P411 ID).City Girls likes to safeguard its members in a veil of discretion and security.If the well being of one member is jeopardized then the escort screening system has failed.

We wish only the best of luck to our friends at RS2K.

Here are some of the juicy details: - Email alerts tell you when female escorts visiting Detroit - Pre-book with a gorgeous escorts in detroit - VIP members get special privileges through the CG Loyalty Program - Receive recommendations directly from City Girls for escort services in Detroit - Get special perks through our Club news Click the Mailing List tab at the top of this page to sign up in your city Verification is a must when requesting an appointment with escorts of Detroit from City Girls.

All of your information is highly secured when using our online booking form.

When she has vouched that it was a success, your VIP membership will be granted.

VIP members must adhere to our ethics and guidelines to stay in good standing.

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